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AmiBroker Standard
IDR 4.000.000,-
Life-Time Key
2 Years Free Upgrade

AmiBroker Pro
IDR 5.000.000,-
Life-Time Key
2 Years Free Upgrade

Advanced Technical Analysis Software

Use AmiBroker's powerful and ultra-fast exploration tool to scan the market for opportunities and inefficiencies - your edge to stay ahead of the crowd

Stream Live IDX Data

Let you integrate your AmiBroker with live data from Indonesia Stock Exchange. This provide you easy way to scan the market opportunities even better when using AmiBroker.

Live IDX Data

1 Month Subscription
IDR 250.000,-

3 Month Subscription
IDR 225.000,- (Save 11%)
IDR 675.000,- (paid for 3 month use)

6 Month Subscription
IDR 200.000,- (Save 25%)
IDR 1.200.000,- (paid for 6 month use)

1 Year Subscription
IDR 175.000,- (Save 42%)
IDR 2.100.000,- (paid for 12 month use)


1 Day Training
IDR 500.000,- daily
Materials CD
Coffee Snack

AmiBroker Training

Learn more about AmiBroker from professional users. Get offline materials and live learning at our office.

AmiBroker Tutorials in Books

Learn more about AmiBroker by purchasing our AmiBroker book.


Introduction to AmiBroker
IDR 75.000,-

The Ultimate AmiBroker
IDR 85.000,-

Sistem Trading Kuantitatif
IDR 65.000,-

Rp. 5750k
Basic Pack

- AmiBroker Pro - 1 Month Realtime Data - 1 Day Training - 1 Book (Choose)

Rp. 6175k
Silver Pack

- AmiBroker Pro - 3 Month Realtime Data - 1 Day Training - 1 Book (Choose)

Rp. 6700k
Gold Pack

- AmiBroker Pro - 6 Month Realtime Data - 1 Day Training - 1 Book (Choose)

Rp. 7600k
Platinum Pack

- AmiBroker Pro - 6 Month Realtime Data - 1 Day Training - 1 Book (Choose)

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